Cold Calling Tips and Strategies

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Here are our best cold calling tips. Plus, your guide to getting good at sales calls.

Does cold calling send shivers down your spine? Ok, then let’s warm you up to it.

Cold calling is still an important sales tool, if not a very old one. Cold calling can be done in person (door to door) or over the phone. For our current (pandemic!) situation, we will be focusing on the less contact avenue of by phone.

Logistics aside, (like buying an approved list that is scrubbed against the do-not-call records), let’s talk about what it takes to be good at cold calling.

Developing Good Cold Calling Scripts

Preparing a solid cold calling script. Planning ahead what you are going to say is key to confidence in your calls. Spend at least 30 minutes thinking through your mission, motivations and words before you even pick up the phone.

  • Try to put yourself in your potential clients’ shoes. What are their problems? What is their reactions to the phone ringing? How do they feel talking to a stranger?
  • You want to get your prospects talking to you and feeling comfortable as soon as possible. So, make sure your script includes a concise introduction and reason for your call (what service or solution you have to offer), and then leads right questions for your client.
  • Design these questions to lead your client to acknowledging they have a problem. Then, being open to a solution. Stay away from “yes/no” questions.
  • Again, make sure you have written down in your script exactly what you are offering as an insurance solution or service in clear, succinct words. Spend as little time rambling and more time listening.

Know Your Numbers

Set your numbers goals, but be realistic. The last thing you want is to get discouraged and quit. Set goals that motivate you without bringing you down. Focus your goals on what you can control (such as amount of dials) versus what you can’t control (such as call answers).

Know Yourself

Get in the right frame of mind to call. We all know cold calling is a numbers game. It takes a lot of calls to get a sale. Set yourself up for success. Put together a routine you do every time you cold call to get your head in the right spot. Remember our article on habit stacking? Create a new cold calling routine by adding on to your already successful business systems and routines.

Loosen Up

Be fun and have fun. Make sure you are not just straight reading off your script. You are not a robo-caller. You are a person, and I am betting a fun one! Remember, you don’t have to tell jokes, but do be pleasant. If you don’t want to be talking to your prospects, why would they want to talk with you?

The Best of our Cold Calling Tips? Get Over Yourself!

Finally, let go of your ego. None of your rejections are directed at you as a human person. Try to brush off negative phone calls as soon as you can. Reframing hostle conversations with empathy for the other person on the line will allow you to keep your motivation and energy up. You don’t know what that other person is going though. Always assume their dog just died, if they are extra cranky, and move on.

Take that same sentiment toward your goals. Let go of each day’s results after you are done calling. Do the work for the sake of the work. Eventually, you will enjoy cold calling, if you can let go and just flow with it.

Good luck!

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