Workers’ Comp Insurance

For the farming & agriculture industry

Agricultural employees get the job done at all hours, in extreme weather. Whatever it takes to keep the operation moving.

Workers compensation coverage is a safeguard for farm workers and the companies that employ them‚ and Foresight streamlines every process.

Female Construction Worker

Introducing innovative workers’ compensation coverage

At Foresight, we wrap our proprietary risk management technology into every policy empowering proactive safety practices.

Benefits of coverage for the agricultural industry


Risk Management Results

Our easy-to-use risk management tech streamlines compliance.


Competitive Pricing

Your client receives competitive pricing upfront and benefits from claims frequency reduction of 17% on average.*

*17% average claims frequency reduction based on August 2023 actuarial study

Seamless Processes

Technology-driven processes mean more efficient claims management and easier billing, saving you time.

Workers Compensation is Ripe for Change

Every day 100 workers suffer from a lost-time work injury. Despite all the technological advances for the agricultural industry, injury rates and workers comp premiums remain high and untouched by innovation.

Foresight is changing that. We include our proprietary risk management software with each policy issued. 

A healthy appetite for farming & agriculture

Foresight provides a streamlined workers’ compensation experience for you and your clients. We cover a wide variety of agriculture class codes, including: harvesting contractors, farm machinery operations, nurseries and flower farms, vineyards, landscape gardeners, orchards and groves, landscaping, and more.

Tech-driven safety

Foresight policies are powered by easy-to-use risk management technology proven to reduce incidents. 

Digital claims management

If an incident does occur, Foresight’s platform streamlines the process and helps stakeholders investigate and resolve the event quickly.


Why insurtech for agriculture?

With diverse, strenuous jobs and complex operations, agriculture workers compensation can be complicated — but it doesn’t have to be.

As an insurtech built to streamline workers comp end-to-end, Foresight provides ease of doing business, data-driven insights, and flexibility with insured loss history.

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