Workers’ Comp Insurance

Getting more workers home safe

Female Construction Worker

Double-digit claims reduction

Reducing claims frequency by a leading 17%.

Safesite included with your policy

Dedicated safety coaching & risk management platform included with every Foresight policy.

Appetite for 660+ class codes

Including safety-critical industries. Currently available in 17 states and continuing to expand.


Data-driven pricing

Leveraging data from our proprietary safety tech and external sources to competitively price accounts.

Faster turnaround times

Streamlined, insurtech alternative approach to antiquated insurance handling of underwriting and claims.

AM Best

Excellent AM Best rating

Our policies are written on paper rated A VIII by AM Best.

We see claims differently

If an incident does occur, Foresight’s platform streamlines the process and helps stakeholders investigate and resolve the event quickly. Our 100% digital process makes submissions fast and easy.

Powered by Safesite

Using Safesite, our clients drive up safety culture while lowering their claims frequency by 17% and reducing business costs. When claims do happen, cause of loss data feeds future Safesite company campaigns, helping reduce claims for the future.

Insurance customized for your business

Foresight has an appetite for 660+ class codes, including safety-forward industries.







Landscaping & Tree Care


Industry successes

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Apparel manufacturer - $14M payroll

10% Incident Frequency Reduction

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Mid-sized ag contractor - $10.18M payroll

10% Incident Frequency Reduction

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Framing company - $5.6M payroll

30% Incident Frequency Reduction

AM Best

Bindery - $5.2M payroll

40% Incident Frequency Reduction


Roofing company - $4.5M payroll

Safety incidents stayed at a steady, low rate

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