Workers’ Comp Insurance

For the construction industry

Here’s the thing. Construction leaders aren’t thinking about workers’ compensation insurance every day. But as their broker, you are.

And a conversation about comp without risk management just feels wrong. That’s why we’re building safety into every policy.

Female Construction Worker

Foresight is breaking ground in construction workers’ comp

At Foresight, we wrap our proprietary risk management technology into every policy. As insureds practice proactive safety, we’re able to reward them with safety credits and lower premiums and reward you with bonus commissions.

Benefits of coverage for contractors & subs


Compliance & Safety

Foresight policies are powered by a proprietary risk management technology proven to reduce incidents by up to 57%.


Our easy-to-use risk management tech improves safety. We lower premiums based on real-time safety engagement data.

Streamlined Claims

Timing is everything in construction. With simple claims handling, Foresight coverage allows faster incident response and resolution.

We do more for your construction clients

Preventable incidents happen all the time in the construction industry, costing an average $46,000 per claim and raising insureds premiums to over 4.4% of an average insured’s total expenses. Technology can change that. By incentivizing safety, Foresight helps contractors drive down incidents, allowing us to lower rates faster.

Add more value with inland marine: Layer commercial property coverage onto our innovative workers’ compensation with builders risk, contractors equipment, and inland marine.

A healthy appetite for construction & trades

Foresight provides a streamlined workers’ compensation experience for your construction clients. We write policies for commercial, residential, equipment operation, and more. We also cover several specialized trade class codes, including: masonry, plumbing, well drilling, burglar & fire alarm, electrical wiring, residential roofing, telecommunications installation, and solar energy.

General contractors

Foresight covers commercial and residential construction business in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Specialty contractors

With nearly 700 class codes covered, specialty subcontractors and trades can save on their premiums.

Reduced costs. Lowered risk.

Your clients save immediately with competitive pricing up front and pay-as-you-go. Then, they keep saving as our technology reduces construction work risk.

Healthy Appetite for Construction and Trades

Why insurtech for workers’ comp?

Construction workers’ compensation can be complicated — especially for the middle market — but it doesn’t have to be. As an insurtech built for brokers and their clients, Foresight provides ease of doing business, data-driven insights, and the ability to be flexible with insureds’ loss history.

Our tech saves insureds time and money — while improving safety.

Workers’ compensation is just the start

  • Real-time data from our risk management tech is tied directly to reduced incident frequency and lower premiums.
  • Foresight’s tech-enabled servicing means fast quoting, easy billing, and simple claims management.
  • Drive additional value by layering inland marine, builders risk, and/or contractor equipment coverage onto work comp

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