Our appetite

Foresight has an appetite for over 400 class codes

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We have a broad appetite

Foresight has an appetite for 400+ class codes across construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and heavy services. With authorization in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, there's no limit to in-appetite, multi-state risks we can consider.

Top 10 classes

Drywall, plastering, or wallboard & drivers

Concrete construction


Farm — orchard or grove & drivers


Carpentry, framing

Commercial roofing

Lawn maintenance

Farm harvesting contractors & drivers

Cloth, canvas, & related products manufacturing

Our top industries

Foresight Top Industries

Foresight’s greatest hits

We see a future free of workplace accidents or workplace injuries. Here’s the proof it’s working.

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Apparel manufacturer - $14M payroll

10% Incident Frequency Reduction

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Mid-sized ag contractor - $10.18M payroll

10% Incident Frequency Reduction

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Framing company - $5.6M payroll

30% Incident Frequency Reduction

AM Best

Bindery - $5.2M payroll

40% Incident Frequency Reduction


Roofing company - $4.5M payroll

Safety incidents stayed at a steady, low rate

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Heavy Services



Preventable incidents happen all the time in the construction industry, costing an average $46,000 per claim and raising insureds premiums to over 4.4% of an average insured’s total expenses. Foresight can change that.


In 2019, manufacturing accounted for 15% of all private sector non-death workplace-related injuries. The industry has evolved rapidly but injuries remain a looming problem and workers’ comp costs are high. Foresight is changing that.


Every day 100 workers suffer from a lost-time work injury. Despite all the technological advances for the agricultural industry, injury rates and workers’ comp premiums remain high and untouched by innovation. Foresight is changing that. 


Many of the necessary tasks in landscaping involve hard physical work in tough outdoor conditions. Foresight helps safeguard those who care for our surroundings.

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