A game-changing approach to workers’ comp

Reduce Claims and Costs

Reduce claims, drive down costs and get more workers home safe

Double-digit claims reduction

Foresight’s data-driven approach has been proven to reduce claims frequency by an industry-leading 17%.

Specializing in core industries

Supporting over 660 class codes, and available in 17 states with continuous expansion.

Safesite included with your policy

No-cost safety coaching and in-the-field technology are included with every Foresight policy from day one, helping you proactively mitigate risks.

Data-driven pricing

Experienced underwriters leverage data from our proprietary safety tech and external sources to competitively price accounts.

Proven to drive down business costs and reduce claims


Reduction in claims frequency


Reduction in workplace incidents

Going beyond the Ex Mod

The three-year ex-mod rating period can hurt businesses by punishing them for mistakes long after they’ve been rectified. Foresight goes beyond the Ex Mod to award additional safety credits using a machine learning-based Safesite Score that predicts risk based on real-time safety engagement.

Powered by Safesite

Foresight is powered by Safesite, the most innovative safety app and virtual consulting service available in workers’ compensation insurance today. Through Safesite, Foresight’s policyholders experience an average 17% claims frequency reduction, customized safety planning, and a holistic approach to improved safety engagement and loss reduction.

Customized insurance for your business

Foresight has an appetite for 660+ class codes, including safety-critical industries.







Landscaping & Tree Care


Industry successes

Apparel Icon

Apparel manufacturer - $14M payroll

10% Incident Frequency Reduction

Apparel Icon

Mid-sized ag contractor - $10.18M payroll

10% Incident Frequency Reduction

Apparel Icon

Framing company - $5.6M payroll

30% Incident Frequency Reduction

AM Best

Bindery - $5.2M payroll

40% Incident Frequency Reduction


Roofing company - $4.5M payroll

Safety incidents stayed at a steady, low rate

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