Workers’ Comp Insurance

For landscaping

Caring for the shrubs, lawns, and flowerbeds that surround America’s homes and public spaces keeps landscapers in demand all year-round. As a broker, you know how deeply your clients are impacted by incidents.

At Foresight, we’re streamlining workers’ comp processes and improving every business we underwrite with proprietary risk management tech.

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Introducing innovative workers’ compensation coverage

At Foresight, we wrap our proprietary risk management technology into every policy empowering proactive safety practices.

Benefits of coverage for landscaping


Risk Management Results

Our easy-to-use risk management tech streamlines compliance.


Competitive Pricing

Your client receives competitive pricing upfront and benefits from claims frequency reduction of 17% on average.*

*17% average claims frequency reduction based on August 2023 actuarial study

Seamless Processes

Technology-driven processes mean more efficient claims management and easier billing, saving you time.

Safeguarding those who care for our surroundings

Many of the necessary tasks in landscaping involve hard physical work in tough outdoor conditions. Employees handle dangerous tools and equipment and may risk exposure to harmful chemicals.

Focusing on worker safety is so important, and that’s why Foresight wraps Safesite — our proprietary app and consulting service — into every workers’ compensation policy, so that landscapers can focus on what matters: keeping their people safe. In fact, clients using Safesite have seen an average 17% reduction in claims frequency in just one policy year.*

*17% average claims frequency reduction based on August 2023 actuarial study

A healthy appetite for landscaping

Foresight provides a streamlined workers’ compensation experience for you and your clients. We cover a wide variety of landscaping class codes across the United States, including landscape services and lawn maintenance (commercial or domestic).

Tech-driven safety

Foresight policies are powered by a proprietary risk management technology proven to reduce incidents.

Streamlined claims management

If an incident does occur, Foresight’s platform streamlines the process and helps your team investigate and resolve the event quickly.

Landscaping Workers Compensation Insurance

We’re the insurtech for middle market workers’ comp

We write mid-market policies for landscapers. Our tech saves insureds time and money — while also improving safety.

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