How to Reach Your Sales Goals This Year

Reaching Sales Goals

Whether it is the first day of the first month of the new year, or it is just some random weekday in June, you have the opportunity to start fresh and reach your sales goals.

This article will lead you through all the steps you need to becoming a motivated, goal driven sales force.

Step One: Closing Out the Previous Year

First, you need to let go of the previous year. It is time for a little mental house cleaning.

Last Year’s Brain Dump

A “Brain Dump” is when you free up all of your mental space by getting all of your old projects, to-do lists, and goals out of your head and onto paper. (This can be done digitally as well. Just pick the medium that suits your style best.)

How to Brain Dump

  • First, this is a purge. Sit down and take the time to think of and write down everything you can possibly think of that was taking up space in your head for the last 12 months. Do this for your business, but then if you want to, you can do it again for your personal life too. 
  • Write down: things that need to be wrapped up, frustrations, big items, old long term goals, new year goals you have been considering, to do lists, people you need to follow up with, etc.
  • Then, cross out what you don’t need to ever think about again. Be ruthless and only keep the items that can truly make you more successful in the next year.
  • Finally, put together a new list for this year and put it in an order that will best suit you. 

This is your reboot. Your time to start “anew.”

Step Two: Finding Your Greatest Opportunity

It is certainly helpful to dream big, and to set ambitious goals. However, what we really need in 2021, is boots on the ground, hard work, and the discipline to get our momentum on track. You know what you need to do, it’s time to do it.

So let’s start big, and then get small quick.

Your Big Goals

Your big goal may be to retire early, or to be a Million Dollar Roundtable Agent, or even just to be full-time, self-employed.

Start there – write down your end game and big goals. Then, write down your motivations for getting there – your why.

  • My End Game:
  • My Motivations:

Now, keep those with you, to move you forward and keep you inspired. But here is where we get more practical.

Your Greatest Opportunity

Now, let’s find your greatest opportunity for success.

What one thing can you focus on that will move you forward the fastest and make the biggest impact on your business?

Note, that your greatest opportunity might not be the most enjoyable opportunity or the most glamorous opportunity, but it is the ONE THING that will help you make the most money, or reach your goals.
Often, we must do the things we NEED to do now, to enjoy the things we WANT to do later. This is your year, to get it done and create the foundation for your business and the life you want to live.

How to Find Your Greatest Opportunity:

  • First, identify all the ways you are currently making money (or can make money).
  • Second, decide the difference between things that you do because they feed your ego and things that actually contribute to your bottom line.
  • Then, pick the one opportunity you have to make the most impact on your bottom line.
  • PRODUCTIVITY HINT: Make sure that this one thing is something that you at least enjoy doing a moderate amount. Otherwise, you will never do it. We are not trying to be miserable! We are trying to be the MOST productive. Your ONE THING might not be your passion in life, but it is lucrative and enjoyable to you.

Make Your Plan to Focus on this One Opportunity to Reach Your Sales Goals

There are so many opportunities out there, and many of them are good opportunities. But remember, the easiest way to fail in this business is to spread yourself too thin, and end up accomplishing nothing and selling too little.

Yes, follow your dreams, and cultivate your passions. However, focus on your current opportunity to make the biggest impact that you at least have some passion for.

You don’t have to do anything forever, just try it out for one year. This year is your year.

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