Habit Stacking for Sales & Productivity

Habit Stacking

What is habit stacking? How can I use it for greater success in sales?

  • A habit is a well worn path in your brain. You have done a task or activity enough that it is easy and natural for you. Moreover, every time you complete this habit again, the path becomes more ingrained.
  • Creating a new habit from scratch requires forging a new mental path. Clearing the path from the old patterns and mental obstacles that might be blocking the way. 
  • An easier way to make a behavior a habit is to capitalize on your already established habits and already worn mental paths. You can build new habits on and around these existing habits. This is called “habit stacking.” 

How to Habit Stack

Habit stacking was created by BJ Fogg, a Stanford University Researcher in his Tiny Habits method. Basically, to take advantage of the power of habit stacking, you

  • pick a current habit,
  • and then add another new desired habit to it.

For example, if you want to add flossing to your hygiene habits, you would stack it onto your current habit of brushing your teeth each night. Eventually, it will be your new habit to not just brush your teeth each night, but to first brush your teeth, then floss each night. 

Habit Stacking for Sales & Productivity

In regards to your business, we know that small actions can add up to big changes and big results. Habit stacking can be a powerful way to encourage your brain toward what needs to get done.

For example, let’s say you have a hard time making outbound phone calls to prospective clients. However, you have no problems checking your email every day when you get to work. Your current habit may be…

  • Each morning I turn on my computer and check my emails, after responding to my follow-up emails, I will then open my call log and make my first call. 
  • Or, after I pour a cup of coffee, I will make my first call of the day. 

Starting Small for Big Changes

The main idea is to find something that is already habitual and add a small habit to the end of it. The trick is to start small.

Trouble Shooting Habit Stacking

  • If you are having trouble or if your new habit is a complicated one, find the smallest form of your desired behavior and start with that. You can add on more steps as you master each small step.
  • Also, if you are struggling to stack a habit, step back and make sure the habit you are trying to stack onto is strong enough and specific enough. The more specific the better. Moreover, the more relevant the better. It doesn’t make sense to stack on a habit of flossing to a random habit while driving.

Action Items on Habit Stacking

  • To start habit stacking in both your personal life and business life, you first need to pinpoint your goals. Write down what you wish to accomplish and how you intend to get there.
  • Then, make a list of your current, strong habits that you could potentially piggyback on. Make these habits as specific as possible.
  • Next, decide what new habits you can stack onto existing habits to reach your goals. In addition, break down large habits into smaller pieces as necessary.
  • Finally, write down your beginnings of habit stacking to compare with your progress in a few weeks or months!

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