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Grow your book of business, learn about workers comp, read about trends and industry updates, work on selling to and retaining businesses in hard-to-place class codes.

Industries Sales Coaching

Foresight is here with the field support and coaching you need to be a Workers’ Comp All-Star this summer with broker resources for YOU.


Manufacturing and Textiles

The State of Safety in High Hazard Work Environments

New Survey Data Indicates That Half of Employees Feel/Under - Equipped to Work Safely

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Mid Sized Construction Company Case Study

One framing company saved thousands in admin hours, workers comp premium and in incident reduction

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Lower Premiums.
Increased Commissions.

At foresight we don't shy away from hazardous verticals, we specialize in them. We’ve designed an innovative solution that provides our customers with state-of-the-art risk management and rewards companies for their successful safety initiatives with better rates.

Benefits for Brokers

  • Proven Risk Management Service Included for Free
  • Online Portal for Managing Client Digitally
  • Instant Quoting Indicators
  • Competitive Commissions

Benefits for Employers

  • Empowered to Achieve Safety Goals
  • Help Reducing Claim Frequency
  • Access to Work Comp Savings
  • Incident Response Support

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