Workers' Compensation Georgia

Georgia has grown dramatically over the last few decades, and continues to attract a young, educated workforce. Georgia workers’ compensation laws are less restrictive than some states, yet employer workers’ comp insurance costs are rising faster than many states, mainly due to the types of industries that have grown along with Georgia’s economy.

Georgia is one of the nation’s leaders in advanced manufacturing, outpacing the U.S. in 10-year GDP growth in manufacturing of machinery, electrical equipment and components, and fabricated metals. With a booming economy, Georgia projects employment of construction workers to grow 7.2 percent by 2029, faster than the average for all occupations in Georgia.

Despite the positive projections, Georgia, like all states, struggles with labor shortages in these growth industries. Labor shortages in high hazard industries like construction and manufacturing force employer workers comp costs upward and underscore the need for robust safety processes and practices.

Workers' Compensation Georgia<