New Property Lines Now Available on the Foresight Platform

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We’re excited to unveil new commercial coverage options! Foresight has partnered with Great American P&C Insurance Group to bring your clients:

  • Inland Marine, with Special Floaters
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Builders Risk
  • Contractors Equipment

Great American is a nationally acclaimed property and casualty carrier, boasting an A+ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best. Coverage is now available as a complement to Workers Compensation in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Coverage to Support Our Appetite

Our appetite for hazardous industries remains strong. Construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and light industrial insureds now benefit from safety incentives for workers comp and robust property coverage.

Here are just a few ways you can leverage our latest add-ons:

Solar farms

With our strong appetite for solar, your insureds can now benefit from a risk management-driven workers compensation program and competitive rates on equipment, including panels installed or in transit. Optional coverage enhancements are available.

Residential & Commercial Construction

Construction and renovation projects are constantly changing and progressing. This coverage helps guard against various types of losses that may occur during a build, even as exposures increase during the course of a project.

At the same time, your insureds will be using our risk management platform to exceed compliance standards and drive down incidents, allowing us to lower their workers compensation premiums faster.


New coverage options include special floaters that benefit a wide variety of trades, such as crane operation, HVAC, plumbing, and many more. Contact your business development lead for a complete list or send us a message.

Agriculture and Manufacturing

Farms and manufacturing facilities are rarely one-stop-shops. With multiple points along the supply chain, cargo coverage can help your clients recover from product losses. We now cover goods and supplies in transit, and during loading and unloading. Cater the coverage to your client with optional add-ons.

In addition to inland marine, agriculture and manufacturing insureds managing their own builds onsite can benefit from builders risk and contractors equipment — all while improving safety with Workers Comp.

Why Inland Marine & Builders Risk?

Foresight’s mission is to improve every business we underwrite. Our tech-driven workers compensation program helps insureds drive down rates and save on their premiums. Additional lines help round out our flagship product and provide ease-of-doing-business for our broker partners.

Foresight founder and CEO David Fontain says it best:

The option to add-on commercial property was important to our valued broker partners and their clients, so it became important to us. We’re removing all roadblocks to our safety-driven pricing model for workers compensation.

With the addition of inland marine, builders risk, and contractors equipment lines of insurance, more companies that want to do business with Foresight, can.

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