Workers’ Comp for Hard Working Businesses

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What Does Your Workers' Comp Do for You?

You deserve more from your workers' comp company. And your employees deserve to get home safe every day.

Foresight Gives You

  • An included safety app for real-time reporting and safety management
  • Access to reachable safety coaches
  • The ability to be proactive about reducing injuries and claims

Can your current workers’ comp do that?

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Why Your Business Needs Foresight Workers Comp

  • Our focus is on getting your workers home safe
  • Specializing in hard to place class codes
  • The only workers comp program that can reduce premiums based on safety engagement – regardless of ex-mod
  • All policies include the Safesite app and safety program at no cost
  • Flexible payment solutions

Here is the Proof


Reduction in "time-lost claims"


Reduction in safety incidents*
*Based on 2021 Policyholder Averages

We Help
Employers Increase Safety and Savings

“With Foresight, policyholders know they’ll be rewarded for safety engagement within one policy term, not three years down the line.”

David Fontain, CEO

The three-year ex-mod rating period can hurt businesses by punishing them for mistakes long after they’ve been rectified.

Foresight Commercial Insurance goes beyond the Ex Mod to award additional safety credits using a machine learning-based score that predicts risk based on real-time safety engagement.

Case Study

Mid-Sized Construction Company

Improving Safety, Reducing Costs

Premium Reduction
Incident Frequency Reduction
Admin Hours Saved / Week

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