Frequently Asked Questions

Explore commonly asked questions about Foresight workers' compensation insurance. Or, click the chat button to start the appointment process or ask a question.
General Questions

At Foresight, we’re doing things differently. Our policies include comprehensive risk management for all clients so we’re able to offer safety-driven pricing. We’ve streamlined our processes with custom-built technology.

Our policies are written on AM Best A- VIII (Excellent) rated paper or better.

We value your privacy. We will not share or sell your information for marketing purposes, but we do need to share some information with our risk management partner and respective governing insurance bodies for compliance purposes.

In order for us to serve you best, we require customers to use the risk management technology. By doing so, we are able to streamline the process and reduce incident frequency, which then allows us to offer lower premiums.

There is no additional charge for Foresight’s technology; it is 100% free and included with our policies.

Foresight is currently underwriting workers compensation in Texas, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

Foresight has the capability to underwrite high experience-mod clients. Our program helps address any gaps in the existing safety program and will work to prevent and/or lessen future claims, assisting in lowering your client’s ex mod.

Foresight underwrites workers compensation, with the option to add on inland marine, motor truck cargo, builders risk, and/or contractors equipment coverage. See our appetite for workers comp!

No, our inland marine, motor truck cargo, builders risk, and contractors equipment coverage is available as a complement to Foresight Workers Compensation.

Broker Questions

With Foresight, the process is 100% digital, making submissions fast and easy. Foresight offers preferred commission, and our technology delivers additional value to your clients at no added cost, resulting in increased client retention through proactive risk management.

To get appointed, get started with the help of our chat assistant. You’ll be asked to upload agency appointment documents. Follow the link and upload your agency’s W-9, E&O dec page, agency license, and bank information. If you do not handle agency appointments, please point the appropriate person within your organization to our website.

Foresight does not have a minimum annual premium volume requirement.

Once you’re appointed, submit a risk here or with the help of our chat assistant.

“Foresight is a new kind of workers compensation policy that uses technology to streamline the process and provide proactive risk management.”

Foresight will provide onboarding training as well as ongoing risk management training for all clients, not just large accounts.

We handle claims through our toll-free number 844.764.4357. We will provide a Digital First Notice of Loss to ease OSHA compliance and reduce fraudulent concerns and have also integrated telemedicine services to keep your insureds engaged. Report a Claim

Foresight provides four direct payment plans and PayGo monthly payroll billing.

Insured Questions

Our program works to prevent and/or lessen future claims, which can save you money in the long run. In addition, we provide insureds with the ability to earn additional safety credits each year by engaging in our technology-driven safety program.

With Foresight’s program, hazards and incidents are reported in real-time, which means they can get resolved more quickly. When incidents and hazards are logged, the steps to correct and prevent the issue in the future are also recorded, leading to reduced likelihood that the issue will happen again. Foresight also encourages recognition of employees who are following proper safety protocols.

Foresight provides onboarding training for managers and field staff, as well as ongoing risk management training. If you need additional assistance, please submit a request through the app.

Foresight’s technology is designed to work with your existing safety plan and makes it easy for you to complete your current safety activities, and enhance them, by using our mobile app.

The implementation process is quick and easy! Foresight can have your organization up and running in less than two weeks.

Report your claim by dialing our toll-free number: 844.764.4357. We have humanized the claims journey to help you with compliance, simplify your job, and ease employee concerns. Report a Claim

Yes, Foresight offers pay-as-you-go plans. Foresight PayGo is a convenient premium payment option that provides you with the most accurate bill each month. Foresight PayGo is flexible, simple to set up, and integrates with almost all payroll vendors.

No; however, we will charge a non-sufficient-funds (NSF) fee of $20 if a payment is declined.