Do you have large workers compensation clients looking to control costs?

The Foresight Captive Program could be a great solution versus traditional markets for accounts with more than $1MM in premium.

Do you have large workers compensation clients looking to control costs?<

What Is a Captive?

A Captive is a risk transfer vehicle that allows a business to create its own insurance company. Captives offer an alternative to traditional insurance markets.

What Is a Captive?

The Foresight Captive Insurance Program Can:

  • Manage premium expenditures
  • Create an opportunity for profit sharing
  • Provide greater incentives to control claims

Foresight Captive vs Traditional Insurance

Captive Insurance


A Captive is a risk transfer vehicle that allows your clients to create their own insurance company.

Financial Benefits

Your clients pay premiums to the Captive that are invested on their behalf when not needed for claims.

Flexible Coverage

Allows for custom coverage solutions to properly insure complex risks.

Traditional Insurance

No Ownership

A traditional insurance company is owned by its shareholders.

No Financial Benefits

Financial benefits go only to a traditional insurance company's shareholders, not to your clients.

Rigid Coverage

Traditional insurance companies often have pre-set packages, leaving little flexibility for complex risks.

What Can Captives Cover?

What Can Captives Cover?

Foresight's Captive program can cover all commercial insurance.

How Captives Benefit Brokers

How Captives Benefit Brokers

For Captives, broker fees are annual, with the initial fee paid upfront. Once a Captive is set up, a client does not typically leave, potentially "locking in" income for years.

Is a Captive right for your clients?

Can you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions?

  • Are your clients’ insurance premiums greater than $1mm annually?
  • Do your clients want more control over claims?
  • Would your clients like a custom insurance policy?

To Get Started

The Foresight team needs about six months to set up a Captive. The process begins with a feasibility study.

Ready to work with us?

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